What terrible fate befell Gloucestershire on 8 Jan 1966?

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No-one has come back on this, so I will! (Perhaps the memories were too painful - I know, I was there). The quarter final of the County Championship was normally a formality but in 1965 Gloucestershire had lost 6-3 to Oxford at Kingsholm - a huge upset. They travelled to Oxford in 1966 confident of revenge but lost the match 16-8, despite playing against 14 men for the last 30 minutes. The Gloucestershire pack, featuring four internationals and two trialists, were dominant but the backs (apart from captain Don Rutherford at full back) were outplayed. The reference is almost certainly to the dropping of Mickey Booth and Terry Hopson and the selection of John Morris of Lydney and J Thomas of Cheltenham at half back.

By John Theyers
On 02/10/2010