1938 - 39

Match Programmes


Gloucester v. Bristol
Gloucester v. Bristol (1872k)
28 Jan 1939

Gloucester v. Guy's Hospital
Gloucester v. Guy's Hospital (1341k)
25 Mar 1939

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Gloucester seem to have missed out 13 in the 1948-49 season too.

By Grantley Lycett
On 15/09/2011

In the 1939 programme v Bristol, I note that Gloucester did not field a number 13 shirt, but used 16 instead - although there are other teams which have thought number 13 unlucky and therefore to be avoided, I cannot recall other occasions on which Gloucester have adopted this convention. Bristol of course used letters instead of numbers, as did Leicester - both of them until relatively recent years.

By Malc King
On 22/04/2010