Who around the World accesses this Website?

Please contact us!

By Dick Williams

We monitor the usage of this website on a regular basis via Google Analytics, and continue to be gratified by the number of accesses. The stats show clearly that there is interest from all around the world, and countries with a strong rugby tradition such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Italy, etc., all feature regularly. (And the USA is routinely second only to the UK in terms of access numbers.)

Sometimes, though, it surprises us to see a sudden surge in interest from other locations. For example, Brazil started to feature quite highly in 2014/15, as did Spain, and in May/June 2105 we’ve seen a significant increase in interest from Malta.

Could anyone from those countries, or indeed from any other country beyond the immediately obvious 6 Nations countries, contact us and perhaps explain the interest? Is there a 2015 Rugby World Cup factor? Could the Gloucester Rugby recruitment of players from abroad be related to this increased interest in the history of the club? Or is it a far more obvious answer – that some Glawster fans are on holiday abroad, or have even emigrated?!

Do please let us know – either by “Comments” at the bottom of this page or via info@gloucesterrugbyheritage.org.uk.

This page was added by Dick Williams on 23/06/2015.

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