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Finding your way around

By Dick Williams

Welcome – if this is your first visit, you’ll probably just want to know how to navigate around the site, where to find everything, and maybe how to find your way back out if you find yourself inextricably lost. We honestly haven’t set out deliberately to confuse you, and we’re sure that you’ll find that the website is pretty straightforward.

The Main Menu

The menu on the left lists a broad range of top level categories, and if you click on any of these you’ll find that they generally contain multiple topics. Click the icons or the titles to dig ever-deeper into the details. But this is just a start; we are in part depending upon YOU to contribute even more - see below.


Within a topic you may find links which will take you directly to other parts of the website, or if they are links to other websites they'll open a new browser window.


You'll find lots of files marked “Downloads”, and if you click on these they will appear on your screen as .pdf files. To read them you’ll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer: most people have it already but if you haven’t, then click here for a free download.

Adding your Comments

At the bottom of each page of information you’ll find the invitation “Add a comment about this page”, and this is where you have your chance to send in further information about the topic. It’s simple to do, and we really want to receive your comments. Just click on the “Add a comment” sentence, and a new page will be displayed for you to complete, complete with a crafty anti-spam device. We need your name and e-mail address, and do please read our privacy statement beforehand (at the bottom of the screen). Your comment goes straight to our duty editor, who will scrutinise it (oh, yes...) before adding it to the relevant page. In this way we'll gradually expand and refine our shared knowledge.


To get back to a previous screen you can use your browser’s Back Button, or click on the handy “breadcrumb trail” (nav bar) near the top of the page. Please take the time to explore the entire website by means of the Menu, but on the right hand side of the screen we’ve added a few icons which will take you directly to some of the main areas. We also list “What’s New” so that when you return you can easily pick up on the new material.

Contributing Material

But there’s far more: we want you to actively contribute to the website as well. Click on “Contribute” on the menu on the left to find out how.

Loans, Donations and Interviews

If you have anything which might contribute towards Gloucester Rugby Heritage, perhaps in the form of old Match Programmes, photographs or other memorabilia, personal recollections, etc., do please contact us. If you are an ex-Gloucester player, or maybe had some key role in the running of the Club, we could arrange an informal interview – we’ve got the necessary recording equipment.

This page was added by Dick Williams on 25/08/2009.
Comments about this page

Absolutely brilliant idea to commemorate the club's long history and close tie with the people of last the club are realising and appreciating the heritage the club has got; we don't need new gimmicks!

By Cherryade
On 05/12/2009